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Cheap price is not always the best deal when renting a limousine

Be Aware – Cheap is not actually good!!!

A lot of people have a tendency to look for the best, cheapest deal. But does that mean it a good deal??

You probably want to ask yourself that question again after viewing the video below.

As you see there is a lot of fake operators out there giving you cheap prices. As you just have seen that may ruin your night and you may become stranded on the side of the highway or a club. Here are some facts about companies that give you cheap prices:

  • Other companies lower down their prices by sacrificing quality. They dont screen their drivers, they dont care about what drivers do in their down time. They use cheap sodas from Stop & Shop or any other discounted store. You get refreshments like grape soda instead of CocaCola, you get some cheap lime soda instead of SPRITE, etc.
  • Other companies & drivers don’t care what people do in the car (like smoke) – and then you get into that limo that smells really bad
  • Other companies don’t clean their cars, carpets smell like beer, drivers dont care
  • Other companies have drivers that are on the phone all the time and dont pay too much attention to the road or the clients in the back
  • Other companies employee drivers that wear jeans and t-shirt while they drive their clients
  • Other companies employee drivers that dont know the language
  • Other companies don’t want to spend money to put GPS/Navigation in their cars and drivers get lost all the time, sometimes that is the reason why they are late
  • Other companies cars are scratched, scuffed, etc. outside and they dont bother fixing it. The limo looks like crap when it pulls up to the client’s destination
  • Most important fact is that other companies that offer cheap prices – DONT HAVE APPROPRIATE PERMITS.

Here are some facts that separate Royal Luxury Limousine Service from other cheap competitors:

Royal Luxury Limo Other Competition
Promptness Yes No
Quality Control Yes No
Attention to details Yes No
Clean dressed drivers Yes No
Clean looking limos Yes No
Brand Name Sodas Yes No
Nicely smelling car Yes No
GPS equipped limos Yes No
Smoking Allowed No Yes
Knowledge of town, sites, roads Yes No
Operating Permits Yes No
Driver’s Screening Yes No
Free Vehicle Upgrades Sometimes No
New Exotic Vehicles Yes Out of date
Jet/Gull Wing Limos Yes No
Pricing Industry average Cheap

As you can see, huge differences. Same type of service, much different price and quality. That is why you never go with cheaper limos.

Remember! You get what you pay for.

If you have a smart phone – check us out at New York Limousine phone capable page.