Fun Facts about Limousines and Limo Services

In the past limousines use to be something that was only thought of with celebrities and wealthy businessmen, however times have evolved. Nowadays anyone can rent a limousine for a special part or event and arrive in style and fashion. Limousines are perfect way to make a grand entry to any type of event rather it be a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, prom, or just a night on the town.

The business of renting a limousine has become very competitive which is a good thing for the everyday consumer. Large cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago just to name a few have been overrun by limousine rental companies. This makes it extremely easy to rent a limousine and take your experience of the city or events to a whole new level. Not only do you get to benefit from great selection because of the competitiveness of the market, but you also are able to afford these rental services. Since there are so many companies in the market these companies try to battle with one another on offering competitive rates that you the consumer get to reap the rewards.

Limousine – Where the Name Came From

The word “Limousine” comes from the French word “Limousin” which was a word used to describe a hood or hat worn by farmed in area of France. It is said that the first person to design one of these types of vehicles was French as well. No one is 100% sure if these accusations are correct, however when you ask anyone about the history, this is the story most people hear.

Limousine – Brand or Grouping

Many people mistake a “Limousine” for a brand or make of vehicle, but this is not accurate. The term “Limousine” is more referencing the “Overall” grouping of vehicles that are longer or more luxurious than other cars. These types of cars also utilize a partition between the driver and the passengers which gives them a sense of privacy.

Different Types of Limousines

There are a variety of different limousines such as SUV’s, Stretch, Buses, Motor coaches, etc, however the industry is really setup into two different types of limousines: (Traditional and Exotic). The traditional limousine is just that a normal stretched vehicle with some luxuries inside. The exotic limousine is something custom made and vary unique. They don’t showcase a lot of these exotic types of limousines simply because they are custom made each and every time.